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Fuzion Fitness is among the premier gyms in Cambridge and Brampton.

Voted as the best fitness club in the city, we are an independently owned, local fitness and health centre designed for the entire family and community.

We feature state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of fitness classes to attend and perform a great workout.

Our facility also hosts up to 60+ fitness classes in three different fitness studios, kids zone, luxurious change rooms and a steam room.

We also feature a juice bar located at our front entrance, combining natural ingredients to create the best protein shake for before or after your workout.

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"Great selection of weights and machines, came here to work out over my Christmas break and it was excellent! Staff is very friendly and helpful with everything. There are even heavy bags here to train with! 10/10 gym experience and would recommend to everyone!"

- Edi Cieplechowicz

Another Testimonial

"I've been to many gyms in Cambridge and this one by far is the best. Has the best atmosphere, it's never over loaded with people, the staff is just the absolute best, friendly, encouraging, and informative. There are always trainers around, and they don't make you feel like you're wasting their time when you ask them questions. They have GREAT classes (the teachers ensure you are doing well) and packages... I would highly recommend checking out Fuzion Fitness!"

- Amanda Bradfield

Another Testimonial

" Clean! Lots of variety of equipment and great prices :) out of all the gyms I've been too this ones the best"

- Darcy Wells

Another Testimonial

"I am a new member at Fuzion Fitness and it is by far the best fitness centre I've experienced. Staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and take the time assist you when asked. It's very clean, comfortable with top of the line equipment. It's a bonus that you can visit with a chiropractor, physio therapist and a RMT on site. I'm impressed!"

- Marion J

Another Testimonial

"I love working out here, be it in classes or on the weight machines. Totally awesome. The staff are amazing n you feel like family here. I'm thankful I'm a member here. I recommend it."

- Cheryl Anne Boyce

Another Testimonial

"The staff and gym members are always friendly. The gym is kept clean and is definitely higher-end compared to other gyms in the Cambridge area. It has all the workout equipment you need and is worth the relatively inexpensive price. All around a great gym!"

- Emerson Diodati

Another Testimonial

"This is a world class fitness center, the equipment is modern and in good working order. The place is a great atmosphere and very clean, the washroom and showers are super clean and the staff are first class. I really enjoy working out at Fusion Fitness....this is the best decision I have made in a very long time."

- Dominic P

Another Testimonial

"I'm new to Fuzion Fitness, it is so clean and the staff are very friendly and helpful, I'm loving it!!"

- Pam Ringler Wells

Another Testimonial

"Very welcoming! My wife and I are very excited to start personal training with Luke Curry. The kids zone hours fit our schedule perfectly and our little guy loves playing there without a fuss :)"

- Josh Bayley

Another Testimonial

"Probably the best gym in the tri cities. Studio with weightlifting/crossfit equipment, tons of strength/free weight options, and new-age cable equipment for those who want better isolation or intricate workouts. Also helps that the management is incredibly friendly."

- Mike Adamski

Another Testimonial

"Great gym! Always clean, never wait for equipment, and friendly staff. I opted for the help of a personal trainer to make sure my routine was a safe one for me and found Rebecca to be awesome. Don't hesitate to join you won't regret your decision."

- Ann Mason

Another Testimonial

"I just started my membership at Fuzion yesterday! I've been to every gym in Cambridge, and I must say Fuzion stands on top. This gym has so much equipment, and knowledgeable people both staff and members. It makes for a great fitness environment for anyone. If you're looking for a new gym, definitely give this one a try."

- Tristan A

Another Testimonial

"I have been a member of Fuzion for over a year. I really enjoy my morning work out routine. What impresses me the most is how super clean the facilities are and how friendly the staff are. Whether or not you need training, massage therapy or chiropractic care this place caters to their client base. They really know the value of making their clients happy. After all client care and their satisfaction is what it is all about. Although I have not used any of the trainers from speaking with people they are good at what they do. It doesn't matter where you are as far as your health is concerned - getting into a routine is the important thing - and being a part of Fuzion makes it that much easier."

- Dale Dyer

Another Testimonial

"Amazing! Clean hygienic gym with a wide variety of everything! Kinetic and standard machines to a wide range of free weights. Amazing facilities and absolutely love the staff and instructors. Love the range of yoga and endurance classes. A MUST if you consider signing up for a gym. Gym membership comes with perks like no other."

- Wessel Engelbrecht

Another Testimonial

"Great one on one with all of the instructors. Always clean and tidy. Lots of space, don't have to worry about not getting on a bench press. Or squat rack. Great prices. Been to this gym the longest and I love it."

- Lindsay Hebert

Another Testimonial